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This is for Blogging Challenge #4 Miss W should come visit my community, because living here is special in so many ways. We don’t judge people on the way they dress, or the way they look, talk, walk, etc. We don’t care, as long as you are having fun and enjoying yourself! My community is Orange City, IA. My community is unique and special in so many ways. It’s unique compared to other countries and communities because the people here care about you. They dare to care. They like to stop and talk to you, even if they don’t know who you are. I would say that is caring about others feelings! That’s why it is unique here. If you come here, Orange City, IA, you might have to learn a little Spanish. But most of us speak English. Up here you don’t say phrases if we do they are something like, “When in doubt C is that right answer.” That’s really the only phrase I hear around this place. The best time of year to visit us would be around Spring, like now! You should visit us this time, because we need change after awhile and school’s almost out and we see the same faces every day. So coming up now would be a great time to visit! Where I live you don’t need anything special to wear. Like I said before, “We don’t judge people on the way they dress or the way they look, talk, walk, etc.” So you don’t need anything special!


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  1. Wow, Carli, what a great description of your community! I love the fact that they will talk with strangers on the street and they don’t judge you by what you wear.

    Might have to add your town to my itinerary when I am in USA / Canada in September/ October/ November this year.

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